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Sir Ken Robinson – link

Something really worth looking at: Very entertaining and informative John Advertisements

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Perth Angus and Dundee – Conference for Tayside HTs and Senior Leaders. Curriculum planning for Excellence

Tomorrow I am going to Kinross to address the Perth, Angus and Dundee heidies and directors. My topic is ” Future-proofing Education with Hindsight and Foresight. 45 Minutes of waffle I think.  I’ll add the programme at the weekend; it … Continue reading

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Be brave please

The idea of the Blog will only work if colleagues actually contribute. You do not need to think of anything fancy to say just now. Just subscribe (see the bottom of the page). Say anything – say something. At the … Continue reading

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  Blogging   We discussed the merits or otherwise of a blog. I will post, within the next few days, comments about the value of an online communication space. It is particularly useful where distance prohibits regular communication. … Continue reading

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Committee Members

We discussed the possibility of approaching certain others re’ committee membership. Who is taking this forward. Did we agree? If you require anything of me please do not communicate this here but E-Mail me.

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Security No decision made yet with regard to this. I would, however, be grateful if you would SUBSCRIBE  (see the  navigation link   at the top or side – depending on your browser). This will let me know if the technology … Continue reading

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Blog Page Header Image

Committee Could you please comment on the image. Constructuve criticism most welcome in general. Can you send me images of yourself which you would be happy to have on blog. Preferably fully clothed and suitable for me to have on … Continue reading

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Colloquium Blog

Colleagues, We never got too much of a chance to talk about the proposed blog. Perhaps we might Blog about it. I enjoyed the meeting and the meal; great company. I’ll restrict access to this to the committee for the … Continue reading

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