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Teachers rules – Pre McCormac

The following is reputedly from a document on conditions of service for teachers in Yonkers circa 1872. Originally from a book by Dorothy Westby-Gibson (Can’t recall the title) The quotation appears in many other places Don’t tell COSLA!! Link: reading

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Idiot’s guide to blogging

Firstly, let me make it clear,I had to learn all this from scratch. The term ‘idiot’ is used respectfully as it is in many technical textbooks. It has become clear that some of you would like a bit of guidance … Continue reading

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Possible change to the meeting of 19th April 2012

Colleagues The executive will have had a copy of Tom’s suggestion re’ the re-secheduling of Michael Wood’s talk. Tom makes a good point about the similarity of topics (Short and Wood) and offers an alternative. Can we reflect on this? Drop … Continue reading

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Committee Update

Committee Update Donald Gillies, Bryce Harsthorn have been approached formally and have agreed to serve on the committee. Walter, we assumed, would continue but I have approached him and he has indeed (thankfully) confirmed this. My understanding is that Dan, at … Continue reading

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No such thing as a free (dinner)

No such thing as a free (dinner) ££££££ Could you please respond to Christine / Julies recent re’ the numbers and payment for the opening dinner. Bring a friend and prospective member but be sure to let Joe know very … Continue reading

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Professor Anton Muscatelli

Professor Anton Muscatelli Professor Anton Muscatelli Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow will address the Colloquium at the Annual Stanley Nisbet  Lecture on 29th November 2011. Details forthcoming

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