2012 – A Happpy and prosperous one to you all


2012 – A Happy and prosperous one to you all

We are now 12 years into the 21st Century so , hopefully, we won’t see the expression appear too much in the lliterature. However – this is just a personal gripe. A Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a lovely Christams and managed to re-charge the batteries. December was a bit of a rollercoaster of a month for me but I always seem to get there.


Our next meeting will be on 2nd February with Professor Ian Menter kindly standing in for a cup-tied Dr Moira Hulme – the website will be updated soon. I know the New Year winds were unkind to some of you and I hope you are managing to get things back in shape.

Professor Ian Menter

Professor Ian Menter

Dr Moira Hulme

Dr Moira Hulme

I will kick-start the communications here on the blog and will be in touch with John KC and Don Perry to update the website. I had a very nice message from John to theank us for the very humble gift we gave him for his sterling work of the website. It is diffiucult to believe that the year I looked forward to so much as chair is approaching its final few months; it has been great fun though thanks to the group enthusiasm and the readily avaialble source of advice and assistance.

My own situation is changing. On 22nd December I was interviewed for – and appointed to – the post of Rector at Montrose Academy. This gves me a challenge of sorts in a school in which I have worked before. It is closer to home and it is the school which Jack attends and which Linzi will attend as of August. Importantly it is 10 minutes away from home so I’ll be able to see the family that bit more. The paradox of teaching is that while we look after others’ children we can so easily ignore our own. I am, most of all, looking forward to this change.

Montrose Academy

Montrose Academy

Some of you might recall two of our speakers last year. David Miller ( Secondary NQT of the year 2008(?) and Kirsten Darling his primary counterpart (a former woodwork pupil of mine at Montrose Academy). I note from the Times Educational Supplement Scotland of 13/1/12 that David has left the profession to concentrate on some Technological aspects of Learning (Page 16).

I note also the obituary of Professor John Howie who had us all running around in circles in the 1980s prior to government settling for ‘Higher Still. The obituary portrays a great man who had an enormous influnece in the community and developed an unresolved debate re’ the purpose of upper school education and the thorny issue of the academic vocational divide. I’m sure members will reflect and spare a thought for those he leaves behind.


John Cavanagh


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Chairman of the Educational Colloquium of the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde and West of Scotland.
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1 Response to 2012 – A Happpy and prosperous one to you all

  1. Eileen Holmes says:

    Thank you, John, and Happy New Year to you and Linzi. Congratulation on your new post and best wishes for the future! Having more time with your family is a great bonus. My computer would not open up the photo.you emailed me – Microsoft Messenger kept interfering.

    Every Best wish,


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