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Might it be an idea to invite speakers to leave summary notes of their contributions. These can be developed and placed on the blog for discussion after the event. As well as allowing on-going discussion and debate, this would provide a log of the contributions across the session and from year to year. The cross linking of the blog with the website might allow access to powerpoint presentations as well and to relevant references identified during presentations.

Note takingNote taking

Volunteers to summarise contributions please?


Programme 'Flyer' Available soon

Programme 'Flyer' Available soon


Hon Pres:          Professor James C Conroy 

Professor James C. Conroy

Professor James C. Conroy

 Chair:               Dr John Cavanagh                         

Dr John B Cavanagh

Dr John B Cavanagh

 Secretary:        Margaret McFarlane          

Treasurer:        Joseph McDowell                


Professor Tom Bryce, John Cassidy, Dr John Cavanagh, Bernadette Dugan, Dr Donald Gillies, Bryce Hartshorn, Professor Walter Humes, Eileen Holmes, Alasdair MacDonald, Malcolm L MacKenzie, Christine Wicklow

Opening Dinner.

Thursday 6th October 2011,  

To be held in The Bridie Library, Glasgow University Union, 32 University Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LX at 6.30 for 7.00pm

Our Speaker will be Dr Colin Holroyd

Dr. Colin HolroydDr. Colin Holroyd

 Colin started his working life as a science teacher, first in 
Edinburgh and then in Cyprus. He then became a lecturer in science at 
Jordanhill College, then a lecturer in education at Glasgow 
University. In 1971 he went back to Jordanhill as head of education.  
He disconcerted people in 1974 by moving to become head of 
chemistry.  In 1981 he disconcerted people again by getting himself 
seconded to Clydebank High School as a teacher of science to less-
able pupils.

 From 1985 to 1988 he directed the Science Monitoring exercise for 
Scotland. In 1988 he took early retirement and became a self-employed 
general worker in education.  Here’s a summary of what he did in 
those years.

UBI Scotland – manager of teacher placement service;
SED and Scottish Office –  two literature reviews and  consultant on 
two development projects;
for Scottish Council for Research in Education – researcher and\or 
consultant on seven research projects;
for University of Strathclyde – MSc tutor and thesis supervisor;
for University of Glasgow – Education Department – MEd tutor and 
thesis supervisor,
Adult Education – course tutor and thesis supervisor,
Teaching and Learning Service – consultant,
the Open University –  tutor, counsellor, examiner and staff monitor 
for two MA (Ed) courses and their EdD.

He was the author or co-author of thirteen research reports, six 
learning packages, five chapters in books, and six articles for the 
2002 Research Assessment Exercise.

In 1998 the University of Glasgow made him a Senior Honorary Research 
Fellow. He disconcerted people again by enrolling as a research 
student in the University of Stirling.

Asked to make some sense of his career he said ‘The only things I 
ever really cared about were learning and helping others to learn’

 To be held in The Bridie Library, Glasgow University Union, 32 University Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LX at 6.30 for 7.00pm

The regular meetings will be held in the School of Education, St Andrew’s Building, 11 Eldon Street, Glasgow on the first Thursday of the month (with the exception of April 2012) at 7.00 for 7.30pm:-


Thursday 3rd November 2011 – Graham Short, Executive Director of Education and Social Services, East Ayrshire Council 

Subject “The Management of Morale”

Graham Short

Graham ShortGraham Short



Dr John Mathers

Thursday 1st December 2011 – Dr. John F. Mathers, Director of Learning and Teaching, School of Sport,University ofStirling

Subject: “Coping with Failure”

Dr John Mathers
Dr John Mathers

Letter from John Mathers


Hi John,

 Just a brief note to thank you for inviting me to speak at last night’s event. I note that the number of delegates was small, but I hope this allowed them to engage with the work reasonably well.

 I would also like to thank you for the book voucher that you gave me as a token of the work. It is much appreciated and will be put to good use.

 I have attached the ppt slides here for you as requested.

 Many thanks again for your invitation.

 Kind regards



Coping with Failure 2011 




Thursday 2nd February 2012 – Dr. Moira Hulme, Lecturer in Education Research, University ofGlasgow

See Website for update

Professor Ian Menter will be kindly standing in for a cup-tied Dr Moira Hulme – the website will be updated soon and the focus will remain unchanged.

Subject: “Teacher Education North and South: A comparison of Teaching Scotland’s

   Future (Donaldson, 2011) and The Importance of Teaching (Department for Education, 2010)”

Thursday 1st March 2012 – Una Gordon, Retired Governor of English Prisons 

Subject:  “A View from Inside”

Thursday 19th April 2012 – Michael Wood, Director of Education,Dundee City Council

Michael Wood

Michael Wood

Subject:  “Managing Education through Austerity and Contraction”

The Stanley Nisbet Lecture will take place on Tuesday 29th November 2011. The Lecture will be given by The Principal of The University of Glasgow – Professor Anton Muscatelli (further details will follow)

Please note that the Educational Colloquium is a registered CPD provider and that a session of the Colloquium counts as two hours CPD time.

The Educational Colloquium would like to thank Professor Bob Davis for all his help and support.

Additional thanks is extended to Julie Wicklow for her ‘background’ work, so essential to the operattion and success of the colloquium.


 Membership of the Educational Colloquium

The Educational Colloquium is essentially an association of M.Ed. graduates of the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde and the West of Scotland, although others may apply for membership.  Guests will be welcome at all meetings without charge.

                Annual membership subscription is £15.

Enquiries to Margaret McFarlane:


5 Responses to Programme and Speakers

  1. Details of the programme for the new session will be available electronically very soon. Please register on the Blog and start using it.
    Brochures of the forthcoming programme of speakers and topics will be available on the evening of the dinner.

    Looking forward to a thought provoking year!

  2. Colleagues

    The programme for the forthcoming session is outlined above. Thanks is extended to Julie Wicklow who with her mother Christine Wicklow who, working with Margaret our secretary have worked so hard to get things to this stage.

    Please start engaging with the blog and putting forward suggestions as to how this can be used, with the website, to further promote and acknowledge the potential and the prior success of the colloquium.

  3. I have had a personal conversation with Dr John Mathers who is very much looking forward to coming along. I expect his topic to be very interesting indeed.

  4. Michael Wood, now DIRECTOR of EDUCATION for the City of Dundee is to speak at the additional April meeting (April 19th 2012). Michael will speak about the managment of the system in times of austerity and contraction. Topical or what?

    Michael Wood

  5. Dan Macleod says:

    A first class programme John – thanks to all who have helped negotiate and arrange it – and to you for your ideas and coordination – and the great initiative of this blog – a marvellous means of generating communication between our members, my kindest to everyone and apologies that I will be in NZ for the bulk of the 2011-12 academic year, Dan

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