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New Session – Committee information

AGM 29/5/12 St. Andrew’s Building University of Glasgow Further details will be posted in due course but thanks to all who attended the AGM on Tuesday 29/5/12 and thanks for those who submitted apologies.   Apologies: Joe McDowell Christine Wicklow … Continue reading

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Possible change to the meeting of 19th April 2012

Colleagues The executive will have had a copy of Tom’s suggestion re’ the re-secheduling of Michael Wood’s talk. Tom makes a good point about the similarity of topics (Short and Wood) and offers an alternative. Can we reflect on this? Drop … Continue reading

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Committee Update

Committee Update Donald Gillies, Bryce Harsthorn have been approached formally and have agreed to serve on the committee. Walter, we assumed, would continue but I have approached him and he has indeed (thankfully) confirmed this. My understanding is that Dan, at … Continue reading

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Be brave please

The idea of the Blog will only work if colleagues actually contribute. You do not need to think of anything fancy to say just now. Just subscribe (see the bottom of the page). Say anything – say something. At the … Continue reading

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Committee Members

We discussed the possibility of approaching certain others re’ committee membership. Who is taking this forward. Did we agree? If you require anything of me please do not communicate this here but E-Mail me.

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