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I may be easily pleased, but after a hard day today my heart leapt when I saw the results of John K. Cassidy’s work on the Website.

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Thanks, John on behalf of everyone.

John has also used my Photoshop banner for the blog as a link button to go directly from the site to the blog. (I will do so in reverse). The website is both simple and elegant in its design and with the two working together we have a really important medium by which to put the Colloquium on the ‘map’. These will also allow Dan to remain a member and indeed will allow associate membership to be spread globally eventually. I’ am assuming John KC will welcome contributions and comments re’ the Website – as will I on the Blog.
 We need to remember that documents, book references, websites, and associated links can now be shared almost instantaneously. Having completed an online degree I appreciate the value of being able to “go to university any time I want to go”. Blogs, websites and the electronic age permit this – it can be addictive in its own way though.
John Cavanagh

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