All That Jazz: Improvising Ethics Today Stanley Nisbet Educational Colloquium Lecture Date: Wednesday, April 17 2013 Time: 6pm Venue: Sir Charles Wilson Building – Lecture Theatre, University of Glasgow – 1 University Avenue Category: Public lectures Speaker: Dr Richard Holloway, Writer and Broadcaster Light refreshments will be served at 5.30 pm before the Lecture. RSVP Eleanor Macleod, School of Education St Andrew’s Building, 11 Eldon Street Glasgow G3 6NH Direct Line: 0141 330 3001 Fax: 0141 330 3499 Email: Dr Richard Holloway Richard Holloway is a writer and broadcaster. He is the author of more than twenty books, including Godless Morality, Doubts & Loves, Looking in the Distance and Between the Monster and the Saint: Reflections on the Human Condition. His latest book, Leaving Alexandria: A Memoir of Faith and Doubt, was published by Canongate in March 2012. He was Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church till he stood down in 2000. He was Gresham Professor of Divinity in the City of London 1997-2001. He was a member of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority from its inception in 1990 till 1997, and chaired its ethics committee. He was on the BMA’s steering group on Ethics and Genetics 1995-19998. He was a member of the Broadcasting Standards Commission from 2000-2003. He was Chairman of the Scottish Arts Council 2005-2010. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and received its Gold Meal in 2008. He is the Chairman of Sistema Scotland, the charity that has brought the Venezuelan youth orchestra system to Scotland. A frequent broadcaster, he has presented a number of television series, including Holloway’s Road, The Sword and the Cross and Art and Soul. He regularly presents Sunday Morning with Richard Holloway for BBC Radio Scotland.

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From Eileen for your interest


On the 20th May, I was part of the St. Stephen’s Church Tapestry group – 25 women in total – who were given certificates from Archbishop Conti in recognition for our ‘outstanding achievement’ in creating what are now world class tapestries, banners and footstools which are in our St. Stephen’s Church.  The Mass was in thanksgiving for the Glory Tapestries and the Redemption Tapestries.
There are 10 tapestries in total, each oneof the ten is made up of 14 individual tapestries.  All tapestries are sewn by hand.  One square inch takes an hour to sew.  The designs, patterns and colours of threads were created by Netta Ewing, Lecturer in art who designed the new interior of St. Andrew’s Cathedral in  Clyde Street, Glasgow.
The tapestries are very large – some are five feet high and all are at least five feet or more broad.  There are two Glory Tapestries depicting:  1.  Glory of God – Light in Darkness
                                   2.  Glory of Christ – Resurrection Dawn
The other 8 tapestries are The Redemption Tapestries.  These The trace the long journey of redemption for the people of Israel in the Old Testament as they travel from the stones and sand of the desert to the fruitfulness of the promised land.  In their heart the travel too, from unbelief and apostasy to faith in God and hope in the coming of the Messiah.  The 8 Redemption Tapestries are:
                                  1.  Abraham – Promise
                                  2.  Joseph – –  Brotherly love
                                  3.  Moses    –  Mission
                                  4.  Exodus  –   Desert
                                  5.  Law       –   Purification
                                  6.  Golden Calf  –  False gods
                                  7,  Joshua  –   Promised Land
                                  8.  Temple  –  Covenant
Each individual tapestry has been mounted on wood, cut to shape by Gerry Beachy and joined to thirteen others to form one theme.  Scaffolding has been ordered in each time a theme is displayed high on the wall of the church and put up by Gerry Beachy.
On Sunday last, Gerry Beachy was given a medal from the pope, not just for his work with the tapestries, but for all his work in the church and his being chauffeur to both Cardinal Winning and Archbishop Conti.  All Gerry’s services have been voluntary and everyone was delighted for him to receive a medal from the Pope.  The Leader of our tapestry guild, Mary Shields received a medal from the Archbishop which she was asked to wear to represent all of the 25 tapestry guild ladies, who each received ( including myself), a beautiful small certificate which I will frame.
St. Stephen’s got in caterers for the tea and the women of St. Mary’s Parish came to serve tea and coffee and men of the parish served wine.
On the 16th May, 2012, a party of 27 American women who belong to an embroidery guild came from different parts of the USA to see the tapestries and they were full of praise and amazement for the scale and perfection of the work.
They said they had been to many other countries to see embroidery and tapestries and that St. Stephen’s was world class.  We have been told that soon, St. Stephen’s Parish will become part of Glasgow’s ‘Open Door Day’, not only for the tapestries, the banners and the alter kneelers, but for the beautiful stained glass windows.
I know this email is a bit long, but I hope you found it interesting.
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New Session – Committee information

AGM 29/5/12 St. Andrew’s Building

University of Glasgow

Further details will be posted in due course but thanks to all who attended the AGM on Tuesday 29/5/12 and thanks for those who submitted apologies.



Joe McDowell

Christine Wicklow


J Cavanagh

Margaret McFarlane

Malcolm MacKenzie

Walter Humes

Tom Bryce

Bryce Hartshorn

Jean Carwood – Edwards

Alasdair MacDonald

John Cassidy

Eileen Holmes

In summary: Office Bearers 2012-13

Chairman:  John Cavanagh

Secretary:  Margaret McFarlane

Treasurer: Joe McDowell

We extend a warm welcome to Jean Carwood-Edwards who joins the committee.

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AGM 2012

The AGM will take place on 29th May, 2012.  Margaret has booked a room in St. Andrew’s Building from 5.30 – 6.30 p.m.  She shall confirm the room number nearer the time.

She has perepared paperwork attaching an Agenda and also the Minutes of last year’s AGM – also attaching a copy of the Constitution.  Could you please bring the above documents with you on 29th May, 2012.

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Michael Wood 19th April 2012

Thursday 19th April 2012 – Michael Wood, Director of Education,Dundee City Council


Michael Wood took up the post of Director of Education in Dundee in July 2011. He started his teaching career over 30 years ago as a primary school teacher. This was followed by a series of promoted posts and two headships before he joined the inspectorate in 1996. During his time as an HMI, he was involved in a wide range of positions including that of Project Manager for the Journey to Excellence series and District Inspector for Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee and Aberdeen City councils. In 2009, he took up the position as Head of Education in Dundee before moving into his present post.


Michael Wood

Michael Wood

Michael spoke last session. His tiopic was “The educational lanscape – shifting sands or tectonic plates”. Tonight he will reflect on his role as director working within unprecidented fiscal constraints.

Rumours that there will be a retiring collection in aid of Scottish Education are exactly that (no need for the Aberdeedn or Brechin folk to sit at the back).

Subject: “Managing Education through Austerity and Contraction”

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Recent message from Tom FitzPatrick


I have not been back to the Educational Colloquium since the occasion on
which I met you there. Now I find i have received your email address
and would like to renew the contact by this means, if you are willing
and have the time. I would like to be better informed about the
current educational scene, particularly the Catholic sector.

Tom FitzPatrick

I have replied to Tom assuring him that we all look forward to seeing him soon. I will explore any availability from SCES re’ updates on Catholic Eduction.

I have copied Tom the URLs of the website and Blog


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Message from Jean Carwood-Edwards – re’ Rev’d Dr. Bill Hannah

Dear All

 I am aware that some of you know my dear friend Bill Hannah who attended the colloquium in the past and also a few times more recently. I am so sad to tell you that Bill died on Saturday 11th Feb at his home following a fairly long period of illness.

 Those of you who know him will know that education was his life passion and there was nothing he loved to do more than participate in an educational seminar or debate.

 Arrangements for his funeral were in the Herald yesterday and are as follows:

 Monday 20th Feb

1.45 – Glasgow Cathedral (Bill was a member)

3.30 – Clydebank Crematorium (Dalnottar North)

Everyone is welcome to come to join our ‘Gathering for Bill’ after the crematorium at my house, which is in Glasgow (west end)

 Please accept my apologies if you are receiving this email and you don’t know Bill – I just thought using our educational colloquium distribution list was the quickest and most straightforward way of reaching those of you who know him.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think may wish to know.

Jean Carwood-Edwards
Jean Carwood-Edwards

Very Best wishes


 Jean Carwood-Edwards

Programme Director

Education Scotland

Please note that Jean hopes to be in the position to provide a photograph and an obituary for Bill in due course. when I receive this I will post it on the Blog

Thanks to Jean for alerting us to this


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2012 – A Happpy and prosperous one to you all


2012 – A Happy and prosperous one to you all

We are now 12 years into the 21st Century so , hopefully, we won’t see the expression appear too much in the lliterature. However – this is just a personal gripe. A Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a lovely Christams and managed to re-charge the batteries. December was a bit of a rollercoaster of a month for me but I always seem to get there.


Our next meeting will be on 2nd February with Professor Ian Menter kindly standing in for a cup-tied Dr Moira Hulme – the website will be updated soon. I know the New Year winds were unkind to some of you and I hope you are managing to get things back in shape.

Professor Ian Menter

Professor Ian Menter

Dr Moira Hulme

Dr Moira Hulme

I will kick-start the communications here on the blog and will be in touch with John KC and Don Perry to update the website. I had a very nice message from John to theank us for the very humble gift we gave him for his sterling work of the website. It is diffiucult to believe that the year I looked forward to so much as chair is approaching its final few months; it has been great fun though thanks to the group enthusiasm and the readily avaialble source of advice and assistance.

My own situation is changing. On 22nd December I was interviewed for – and appointed to – the post of Rector at Montrose Academy. This gves me a challenge of sorts in a school in which I have worked before. It is closer to home and it is the school which Jack attends and which Linzi will attend as of August. Importantly it is 10 minutes away from home so I’ll be able to see the family that bit more. The paradox of teaching is that while we look after others’ children we can so easily ignore our own. I am, most of all, looking forward to this change.

Montrose Academy

Montrose Academy

Some of you might recall two of our speakers last year. David Miller ( Secondary NQT of the year 2008(?) and Kirsten Darling his primary counterpart (a former woodwork pupil of mine at Montrose Academy). I note from the Times Educational Supplement Scotland of 13/1/12 that David has left the profession to concentrate on some Technological aspects of Learning (Page 16).

I note also the obituary of Professor John Howie who had us all running around in circles in the 1980s prior to government settling for ‘Higher Still. The obituary portrays a great man who had an enormous influnece in the community and developed an unresolved debate re’ the purpose of upper school education and the thorny issue of the academic vocational divide. I’m sure members will reflect and spare a thought for those he leaves behind.


John Cavanagh

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Eileen Holmes – Card

Eileen Holmes – Card

We received a very lovely and touching card from Eileen recently.

Eileen Holmes Card

To members of the colloquium.thank you for the beautiful flowers . They were georgeous and they cheered me up when I needed it most. "You have been a great support". Love from Eileen. Alex is now on the mend.Eileen Holmes Card


The best bit is where she describes Alex as ‘being on the mend’.

Great news Eileen and thanks for the card. 

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